Africa Travel Guide

Map of Africa


Capital City: No Capital
Language Spoken: There are an estimated 2,000+ different languages spoken in Africa but the two most commonly spoken languages include Arabic and Swahili.
Climate: Africa is the hottest continent in the world and the northern half is mainly comprised of dry deserts, while the southern half is filled with dense and slightly cooler jungles.
Safety Rating: 5/10 - This rating can vary depending on where you're specifically traveling to in Africa and while many countries in Africa are perfectly safe for tourists, there are some other regions that you may want to be cautious of. As long as you do your homework ahead of time and use common sense, you'll be okay.
Transportation: Airplanes, buses, taxis, cars, and rickshaws.
Currency: Varies by country
Expensiveness: Varies by country
Cost of Exit/Entry: Varies by country
Visa Required: Varies by country
Vaccinations Required: Varies by country

A view over the city of Cape Town Cape Town: This popular tourist city is on the southwest coast of Africa. It has beautiful views of both the ocean and of the famous Table Mountain. Outside of Table Mountain, there are also dozens of other beautiful spots for nature lovers. If you're into history, this was also the city that Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in.

A lemur with its tongue out Madagascar: This country is a huge island off of the southeast coast of Africa. The incredible landscapes of Madagascar range from rainforests, to deserts, to beautiful beaches (all within a couple of hundred miles from each other). It is also well known for its wildlife diversity. Five percent of all animal and plant species can be found here. It is also a hub for a variety of different cultures, making it a popular destination in Africa.

A view over the city of Marrakech Marrakech: This is an economic capital of Morocco filled with mosques, shops, palaces, and gardens. This bustling city always has plenty going on so you'll find it hard for yourself to get bored.

A hammock hanging by the water Zanzibar Island: This amazing series of islands is located off the coast of Tanzania. It is home to some beautiful white sand beaches, the Jozani forest, several historical sites, and a unique blend of cultures.

The two ancient pyramids Giza: This city is located in Egypt and most famous for the great pyramids which are one of the seven wonders of the world. As expected there is a lot of history in this city and it is more of a city than some would expect.

Things To Do

The Victoria Falls with a rainbow over the top Take in the Victoria Falls: These falls can be found on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. While it is not the tallest waterfall or the widest waterfall in the world, it is considered the largest in overall size (354ft high by 5,604 ft wide).

The anceint pyramids in Egypt Visit the Ancient Pyramids: It is the oldest of the seven wonders of the ancient world and the only one left that is largely intact. There are dozens of options for tours ranging in prices from $40-$200+. I'd recommend starting here to check out your options.

A picture of two lions in the jungle of Africa Go on a Safari: There is something very special about seeing some of the most majestic, iconic, and fierce animals on the planet up close and personal. Africa is one of the few places where you have the luxury of doing so in a semi-safe way. This is a good website I found for browsing different safari packages.

A picture of a great white shark swimming in the ocean Dive With Great White Sharks: Speaking of getting up close and personal with the majestic beasts of the animal kingdom, try getting within feet of the most popular predators under the sea. One of the best companies I found for this in Africa, which only charges around $140 can be found here.

A rainbow over a grassland in Africa Head Over to One of the Beautiful National Parks: There are tons of different national parks in Africa that you can check out to admire the beautiful landscapes and wildlife. Some of the more popular ones include Maasai Mara National Reserve, Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Kidepo Valley National Park, Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area, Etosha National Park, Ahaggar National Park, and Kruger National Park.

Food/Drinks To Try

Biltong: Dried, cured, meat originating in South Africa.

Fufu: Made with cassava and green Plantain Flour, fufu comes out to have a dough like consistency.

Mandazi: Is a form of fried bread that originated on the Swahili Coast. This is typically served with dips.

Injera: A sourdough-risen flatbread with a slightly spongy texture.

Jollof Rice: Made of rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, salt, onions, spices, chili peppers, vegetables, and meats/fish.

Tajine: A slow cooked stew made with sliced meat, poultry, or fish combined with vegetables or fruit.

Kachumbari: A fresh tomato and onion salad dish that is popular in the African Great Lakes region.

Fried Plantain: Fried plantains are made in a variety of ways such as salted or unsalted and typically served as a snack or an appetizer.


  • Be sure to get travel insurance before you go. Doctors and hospitals are limited in certain parts of Africa so you want to be covered if you have to be evacuated to the nearest hospital.
  • Give yourself enough time to explore. Africa is beautiful and to see everything, it often takes a bit of time so make sure you have enough time to get to see everything you want to see.
  • Don't pack a bunch of white clothing. It will typically gets dirty on the adventures that you'll be going on.
  • Don't take pictures of strangers without their permission. They'll typically get offended. Ask prior if you want to take a picture and then offer a tip afterwards if they comply.
  • Be wary of tourist scams.